2nd We Are Together

All the tech communities of Thessaloniki in one place at the same time, presenting what they are passionate about in a relaxed and casual way. Let the geek inside you run wild in this pure tech mashup!

What we are about!

All the tech communities of Thessaloniki in one place at the same time, presenting what they are passionate about in a relaxed and casual way. Let the geek inside you run wild in this pure tech mashup!

Who Participates

Communities / teams / individuals who are interested in new technologies in our city. Participation is FREE.


To learn about each other, exchange ideas / thoughts / experience, meet existing communities, learn about their work and why not to organize new tech communities!

Who we are

SKGTech is a group of developers who aim to empower the local tech communities by making teams aware of each other and providing an easily accessible calendar of events & meetups of Thessaloniki.

 Speaker Lineup



SKGTech is the organizer of the We Are Together event for Thessaloniki and the upkeeper of the skgtech.io city calendar of tech events.



MAKE is a co-working space, meeting point, a do It yourself community.


Talks, presentations, panel discussions, hands-on workshops, open days, or show-and-tell events. Everybody is welcome.



A group of (not just) geeks, who love Ruby (among other things), live (not just) in Thessaloniki and meet at least once a month.


This is a group for anyone interested in java, j2ee, jvm languages, clean code practices, android development, etc. All skills levels are welcome.


Thessaloniki Node.js Meetup is an initiative to connect 'Noders' across Thessaloniki in order to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience


The PyThess meetup goal is to get people who are interested in the Python programming language in the same room together, and then go for drinks.


A bunch of developers dedicated to the discussion of the Cocoa Framework for writing software on MacOS and iOS.


The Thessaloniki Drupal community aims to support Greek users and help in its translation into Greek. Everyone is welcome!


This is a group for anyone interested in .NET programming and programming in general.



At Mozilla, we’re a global community of technologists, thinkers and builders working together to keep the Internet alive and accessible for everyone.



Portfolio Review Week is a series of volunteer-organized events that has spread to hundreds of cities internationally, with a goal of bringing together creative professionals.


A group that loves photography, meatballs & outings.



We believe that following a Lean thinking and growing an Agile mindset could help us improve and trigger some positive changes in our organisations.


#Steki brings together people who are fascinated by the open and co-operative mentality that the social web has brought upon humans as well as businesses.


SKG Startupers

A relaxed open discussion and networking event, where people can "pitch" their ideas, efforts, aspirations and... anything startup really!

Startup Live Thessaloniki

Startup Live Thessaloniki is a weekend long event where geek people meet the marketing ones. Mentors put the guidelines and they, all together, work on tech projects using fresh tools and techniques.


A group of teachers, hackers, developers, representatives of the State and citizens, joined forces to create the Greek part of the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Open Thessaloniki

OpenThessaloniki aspires to be a platform for collecting data related to the town of Thessaloniki and develop, in tandem, applications and services aiming at open government.


Wireless Network Association (WNA) is a grassroots wireless community, taking advantage of new, state of the art wireless technologies, to connect people, services, projects and communities all around Greece.


The community was created for the exchange of experiences and know how about the agro entrepreneurship in fields such as cultivation, innocation, agro-tech, branding, exports, etc).

Open Coffee

OpenCoffee.gr aims to be the single point of reference for greek start-ups. In this context, we cover existing and, mainly, new developments on greek start-ups, as well as the relevant topics of entrepreneurship and technology.


Omilos Filon Astronomias

The amateur astronomy club of Thessaloniki! Already 17yo, OFA holds astroparties, monthly observations and weekly seminars among other things.