"We are Together" is an afternoon gathering where local techies come together to present products and listen to fresh ideas. Participation is admission free and open to anyone interested in new technologies and business creation. The event is co-organised by SKGTech, SKGStartuppers and OK!Thess but it's made possible by all the communities and startups participating. Do you have something exciting to share?


Startup Track

Are you a team based in Thessaloniki? Do you serve real users and/or customers?

Lighting Talk

Share your meetup, community or ongoing project. Let people know about it in just 1'.


Meet & mingle with the most tech savvy communities of Thessaloniki.


Startup Track


Present your product in just 4'.



Grab a beer and discuss.

Lightning talks


Share your thing in just 1'.

Open Discussion


"AI & Bot Applications."

After Party


Grab two beers, you deserve it!

Open Discussion

Stavros Vassos


Stavros is passionate about Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an interface to the modern computing world.


Sofia Argiti

IBM Hellas

Sofia works with several businesses in Greece and Cyprus providing cognitive business solutions and software products.

Dimitris Tsirikos


Dimitris is the Founder of Guestbot. He is an entrepreneur combining a deep understanding of technology and the way it affects business.

Nikolaos K. Ioannou


Nikos is the creator of Deliverybot, the first food ordering AI bot in Greece and passionate on technology innovation.

Discussion Moderator


Nikolaos Tsoniotis

Nikolaos has been involved with Mobile Apps, SaaS, Social Good and Hardware startup efforts. He is currently focused on Product Management for early stage startups.

The story

The "We Are Together" event has been held 2 times (April & November 2014) and is the springboard for developing the local technology community and creating meetup teams. The theme of the two previous events was the community itself, where all the city's technological and development groups and those who wanted to create new teams had the opportunity to talk and make their efforts known to an audience of more than 150 people. The 3rd event of the series takes the current needs into consideration and adapts its theme featuring tech startup companies and their efforts to jump into the global market.

Organized by:


A vibrant community of tech savvy Developers, Designers, Product People and entrepreneurs who love all things tech.


A public group that aims to put Thessaloniki on the map! Calling all SKG Startupers to post their efforts and network.


OK!Thess provides space and technical support to teams of people helping them mature towards reaching the real market.