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We are a group active in agricultural entrepreneurship. We meet to discuss a relevant topic with an invited speaker in agro-food (production, processing, packaging, branding, promotion etc.), agri-tourism and agro-technology.

At least once a month Meetings

Behance Thessaloniki

Twice annually, Behance presents Portfolio Review Week, an unprecedented series of volunteer-organized events that has spread to hundreds of cities internationally, with a goal of bringing together creative professionals.

Biannually Meetings

Bitcoin and Blockchain Tech Meetup

This meetup is all about learning more about cryptocurrencies. We make regular introductions to Bitcoin and the blockchain as well as more advanced talks on the ins and outs of this new and exciting technology. Join us if you want to be part of the community and be updated on all related events in Thessaloniki (and elsewhere).

Monthly Meetings

CocoaHeads SKG

We meet every last Tuesday of the month and bring together developers for drinks and talks about anything Apple related.

Monthly Meetings

Digital analytics meetup, Thessaloniki

A monthly meeting where we discuss digital analytics (data collection, data analysis, data orieneted automations, Data-driven digital marketing etc.).

Monthly Meetings

Drupal meetup Thessaloniki

We talk about all things drupal. We care about front-end, back-end, PHP, js, devops, code and translation. Open to all levels of expertise.

Monthly Meetings

Java Meetup

This is a group for anyone interested in java, j2ee, jvm languages, clean code practices, android development, etc. All skills levels are welcome. I started this group to meet and share ideas and knowledge with other java enthusiasts. Looking forward to exploring new java paths with everybody.

Monthly Meetings

Lambda Space

Lambda Space is a hackerspace that promotes open technologies and free exchange of knowledge. It is a space where you can create {software / hardware / craft / art / food}, you can learn new technologies, share your knowledge and experiences and get to know creative people of the city. The space is funded exclusively by the contributions of its members and donations of friends.

Daily Meetings


Thessaloniki Node.js Meetup is an initiative to connect "Noders" across Thessaloniki in order to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience.

Monthly Meetings

OK!Thess Meetup

In this meetup you are going to get our monthly updates, learn about our future plans and meet our hosted startups and communities.

Monthly Meetings

Open Coffee

Open Coffee aims to be the single point of reference for greek start-ups.

Monthly Meetings


OpenThessaloniki aspires to be a platform for collecting data related to the town of Thessaloniki and develop, in tandem, applications and services aiming at open government.

Sporadic Meetings


The PyThess meetup is the best meetup in existence, and also ever. Its goal is to get people who are interested in the Python programming language in the same room together, and then go for drinks. We aim to talk about Python, world domination and various other everyday topics.

Monthly Meetings

Quack & Hack Thessaloniki

Quack & Hacks are a meetup for developers interested in contributing to the DuckDuckGo search engine. The open source platform ( allows anyone to create, "Instant Answers"--results that help answer a search in few or zero clicks. We bring together Thessaloniki's developer community for a day of DuckDuckHack-ing as often as we can!

Monthly Meetings

Robotics & STEM Meetup, Thessaloniki

A meeting point for STEM educators, robotics and technology enthousiasts, where we present and discuss educational technologies that develop kids computational thinking and spark interest in computer science and STEM careers in their future.

Monthly Meetings


A greek community of people dedicated to promote women's engagement with technology & science. Its main activities consist of free workshops, meetups open to anyone interested, as well as partnerships with other tech communities and local chapters of Thessaloniki.

Sporadic Meetings

Systems Engineering Meetup

This is an open group for everyone interested in sharing and spreading the knowledge and best practices on how to design, build, manage, monitor and maintain high available, reliable and scalable Infrastructures, using cutting edge technologies. We are focusing on the topics of Systems Administration, Systems Engineering, Site Reliability Engineering, Databases Administration, Network Engineering and Cloud computing. The main focus is to present and introduce the best practices based on real case scenarios for the above topics.

Monthly Meetings


TLab aims to be all about IoT. Connect with us to deploy the first IoT network in Thessaloniki metropolitan area! Join former Arduino Meetup and Wireless Community organizers and all of their members which are embraced here. Share your tech love and experience!

Weekly Meetings

Thessaloniki .NET Meetup

Thessaloniki.Net MeetUp is a group for anyone interested in .NET programming and programming in general

Monthly Meetings

Thessaloniki Ruby Meetup (thessrb)

thessrb is the oldest meetup of town, a group of (not just) geeks, who love Ruby (among other things), live (not just) in Thessaloniki (Greece), and meet at least once a month to throw some presentations (sometimes) and have beers (every time).

Monthly Meetings

Thessaloniki Software Testing and QA

Our meetup aims to create a community for knowledge sharing and ideas around Quality Assurance and Software Testing procedures.

Every 2 months Meetings

Thessaloniki Toastmasters

A open, learn-by-doing workshop in which participants hone their speaking and leadership skills in a no-pressure atmosphere.

Twice a month Meetings

Thessaloniki UX Meetup

Let's talk about User Experience Design. Either you are a UX Designer or UX Researcher, a Product Manager or a Product Owner, a Designer or a Developer, a senior professional or a student, join Thessaloniki's UX Meetup and let's discuss about UX.

Sporadic Meetings


We only send a few e-mails per year.