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SKGTech Community Guidelines

SKGTech brings together people who share a common passion for technology. Our ultimate goal is to inspire and to serve its members and better the society they live in.

We try to achieve this through connecting members, spreading the collective experience and knowledge; giving back to the community at large with our work and donations.

The SKGTech community has one rule and a lot of guidelines, explaining how this rule works:

1. Respect

Respect yourself, other members and the community.

1.1 SKGTech’s General Guidelines

1.1.1 Respect Other Members

Treat other members with kindness, empathy and a positive attitude. It is well established that written speech can easily be misunderstood. Therefore, you should take that under consideration when talking to someone or writing a generic statement.

Think whether what you want to say will offend anyone. If you are not sure, it’s better to try to rephrase than risk a conflict.

Personal characterizations are definitely an offense and you should hold yourself before typing anything that could hurt a particular person.

1.1.2 Respect All Groups, Communities and Identities

This is the inclusivity clause. You are welcome to SKGTech regardless of your sex, sexual or political orientation, identity, ethnicity, color, religious or any other believes; Disabilities or chronic disease, age, educational background, physical appearance and size, family or social standing.

Our technological community has its own identities, which should also be respected. Those can be, and again, not an exhaustive list: coding languages and each one’s preferences, professions (programmers, designers, IT, support, etc) and level of seniority.

1.1.3 Unwarranted Sexually Oriented or Flavored Comments Are Forbidden

We want SKGTech to be a safe place for everyone. This is a very sensitive topic.

You should be able to judge for yourself what is a sexual comment, flavor or untowards advance against a member or a group.

This includes foul-mouthing in a constant and unjustifiable manner.

1.1.4 Publication of Private Information Is Forbidden

Any kind of private or sensitive information is forbidden from being published without the owner’s consent.

1.1.5 Statements Must Be Backed by References and Facts

In the age of massive misinformation and fake-news campaigns, this is an all important guideline to the operation and principles of SKGTech.

There are small and big statements one can make. We require that you are ready to back your statements with facts, originating from reliable resources. We also expect that you distinguish the difference between fact, opinion, belief and thesis.

We do not require that you back each and every statement with a reference, we understand and respect that each individual has their own domain of expertise. However, should any member ask for a reference, you should happily and swiftly provide one, without question or hesitation.

It is advised, that you are explicit whether your statement is a matter of fact, opinion, belief or thesis.

1.2 SKGTech Discord & DEVit Slack Guidelines

1.2.1 Use The Appropriate Channel For Your Post

SKGTech has a plethora of topics that you can easily check out and join. You are encouraged to check all the available channels and join those that are of your interest.

When anyone points out that there is a specific channel for your post, be kind enough to move your post there by deleting it and reposting it in the appropriate channel.

Particularly for politics, as it is a very sensitive topic, please use the dedicated politics channels.

1.2.2 Be Thoughtful of What You Write

We deeply care about the flow of conversation in our Slack communities. As a matter of fact, well balanced, informed and civil conversations are what we believe we have to offer as a community.

In respecting that, we ask that you be considerate of what you type and how you type it. If you have a lot of things to say, write them in a single post message. Use newlines (ALT+Enter for Slack - Shift+Enter for Discord) to form paragraphs and make your message more readable.

Try to avoid “wall of text” posts without any newlines. Or typing short sentences on multiple posts. Being brief in what you have to say is a skill and also shows consideration and thoughtfulness.

1.2.3 Be Mindful of Each Particular Channel’s Guidelines

Each channel has its own particular theme, flavor and guidelines. You will find each channel’s guidelines in their respective topic.

1.2.4 Guidelines Apply to Public and Private Channels

The guidelines apply equally to public and private channels. If you’ve created a private channel where a moderator is not present, you are responsible for moderating and / or reporting issues to the moderators if you want intervention.

1.2.5 Kindness, Respect And Courtesy Also Applies to People You Personally Know

It is inevitable that you will meet and develop friendships with other SKGTech members. This should not be used as an excuse to be less kind and courteous with them on your online conduct. There are two risks in doing that:

a. Your comments may be misinterpreted by the other member, as it is very easy to misunderstand the intentions of a written communication. You may laugh when writing it, the other member may be offended.

b. Acts of affection and familiarity between members is likely to discourage members without that personal connection to participate. Essentially creating a “closed group of friends”. SKGTech wants to actively encourage the participation of all members and most importantly new ones.

1.2.6 Please Feel Free to Plug Other Communities

Feel free to mention and advertise other communities as you see fit. At SKGTech we strongly believe in the networking effect. So we want to encourage the connections and collaborations that can come up from mixing and connecting people with other communities.

1.2.10 Slack’s End-User Terms of Service Apply

DEVit chat community is on Slack, therefore we have to abide by Slack’s End-User Terms of Service.

1.2.11 Discord’s End-User Terms of Service Apply

SKGTech’s chat community is on Discord, therefore we have to abide by Discord’s End-User Terms of Service.