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SKGTech Calendar

SKGTech Calendar uses a public Google calendar for storing and reading the upcoming events and meetups.

Submitting an Event

Go to Google calendar and create a new event.

  • Use a short and descriptive title for the event.
  • Define the starting time and ending time on the event. Only the starting time will be shown on SKGTech's calendar entry.

In the "Where" field, you must enter a reverse-geocodable address so that Google Maps can resolve a location:

  • A good address: "Mitropoleos 110, Thessaloniki, 54621, Greece"
  • A bad address: "Mitropoleo 100, 2nd floor"

SKGTech calendar uses the event's description field to parse the venye, info, map, about and image metadate. The fields have a unique name and are separated using a colon from their values.

Here are all the possible metadata fields:

  • Venue: This is a free text field where you name a particular venue and any special instruction on where to find the event space (i.e 2nd floor, office #3).
  • Info:This field expects a URL that points to a webpage with more information around the event.
  • Map:This field expects a Google Maps URL that points directly to a Google Maps page with the exact location of the event.
  • About:A free text description of the event.
  • Image:A link to an image for this event. This image must be 556x345. If no image is declared, the calendar will use an embarassing placeholder image.

All the above fields are optional however at least one must be defined. Here's an example from the "Description" event for the OpenThessaloniki event:

Venue: 2nd Floor, Office 3
Map: ",+Kalamaria[...]"
About: A meetup about Open Data.

In order for your event to be submitted and await moderation, you need to past the following email address in the Add Guests field and press the "Add" button.

We know this is hard to remember so if you are a frequent event organizer it might be easier if you create a new contact named "SKGTech calendar" and assign that e-mail address.